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    SS Reactors
    Product name:SS Reactors
    Product use: chemical, pharmaceuticals
    Product model: FB System
    Price: Mail Or Fax
    Date: 2012-11-20
    Online consulting 
    Reaction vessels
    This equipment is used for hydrolysis,neutralization,crystallation,distillation and evaporation in the fields as medicine,chemicals,food,light industry etc.The reaction stell is made of SUS304,SUS316L stainless steel.Several mixing types available such as anchor ,frame and oar type etc. The transmission can adopt cycloidal pinwheel reducer and variable-speed reducer etc. The sealing device can adopt mechanical sealing ;heating and cooling can adapt sleeve,semi-tube and coil pipe contruction.Several heating modes available as steam,electric heating,heat and construction oil.To meet different requirements under different working environments,such as acid-and alkali-proof ,high temperature resistance,wear-resisting,anti-corrosion etc.Design and manufacture can be made on users'request.
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