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    Enamel association secretary-general visits Yang Yang in Jiangsu

    Date:2013-04-10 16:57 | Click:

    Chinese enamel industry association secretary-general recently visited Jiangsu Yang Yang Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., visited the production workshop and chairman Zhu Xiaohe informed the association work dynamics, understanding of business and industry production. President Zhu Xiaohe accompanied the Secretary visit workshop, the production process one one explain, introduced in detail the enterprise develops the current situation.

    Yang Yang Jiangsu Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Jingjiang city economic development zone. The Beijing-Shanghai, Nanjing pass, along the river passing through high-speed, aqueduct of the Yangtse River Bridge, Jiangyin, Wuxi airport, the new long railway be close by., and the international metropolis of Shanghai is only an hour.

    The company was founded in 1964October, predecessor is machinery manufacturing,1978turned to the production of glass lining equipment. Company existing staff 900 people, including engineering and technical personnel 186 people, covers an area of 150000 square meters, of which production workshop and old plant 18000 square meters, the new plant56000 square meters. The main production equipment more than 400 sets, with assets of100000000 yuan.

    The company's main products are: glass lined reactor, storage tank, retort, all kinds of tower section, drying and mixing machine, centrifuge, condenser, non-standard I, II class pressure vessels, containers, stainless steel lining chemical equipment, water treatment equipment. Glass products specifications from 50L-50000L, with the production of the following specifications 80000L enamel glass equipment production capacity, annual production capacity of 25000 tons and above, enamel glass equipment manufacturing output ranked first in the country.

    Yang Yang wisdom to create China's national industrial world outlook, a variety of honors come one after another, Taizhou city contract and trustworthy enterprises, outstanding private enterprises, science and technology advanced enterprises ... ... Daring achievement opportunities, the strength to witness the wealth. Yang Yang has a new concept of development and the spirit of enterprise, brand-new management system, strong development base, will in the world glass manufacturing industry to create a brilliant tomorrow!

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