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    Glass-lined thermometer sleeves
    Product name:Glass-lined thermometer sleeves
    Product use: Fittings
    Product model: FB System
    Price: Mail Or Fax
    Date: 2012-11-14
    Online consulting 

    Glass-lined baffle

    The finned baffle thermameter sleeves.advantages: baffle role in the mixing process and reduce the reaction time,improve performance.

    Glass-lined thermameter sleeves with rib

    1. Tempreture indicator is insetted into glass-lined thermameter sleeves directly for showing tempreture.

    2. There are four ribs, so that glass-lined thermameter sleeves can be more firmly.

    Glass-lined thermameter sleeves

    Thermameter Sleeves with Tantalum Top can test temperature intermediately,temperature display is accuracy,no difference.

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