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    Cycloidal reducer
    Product name:Cycloidal reducer
    Product use: Dives
    Product model: FB System
    Price: Mail Or Fax
    Date: 2012-11-13
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    Structure principle
    It adapts K-H-V less differential gear epicyclic transmission principle and cycloidal pinwheel meshing. It is widely used for driving and slowing down device in the fields of textile, printing and dyeing, light industry, foodstuff, metallurgy, mines, petroleum, chemical, hoisting and transport as well as engineering machinery, etc.

        The cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer produced by this factory is good in quality, reliable in performance, various specification, reasonable price and has won the title of quality product authorized by Ministry of Machine Building and Jiangsu Province.

        All transmission device of epicyclic cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer can be divided into three parts: input part, slowing down part and output part.

        The input shaft is installed a dislocation 180° double eccentric locking collar that is installed two roller bearings. It forms H mechanism. The central hole of two cycloidal wheels is just the roller table of tumbler bearing at eccentric locking collar. Meanwhile it is meshed with one group of pin wheel arranged in ring shape at cycloidal wheel and pin wheel in order to consist of less differential gear inner meshing speed-down mechanism (in order to reduce friction, the pin tooth has sleeve of pin tooth at speed reducer with small speed ratio). ?!  ?/font>

        When input shaft brings eccentric locking collar to rotate one cycle, because of the characteristic of tooth profile curve at cycloidal wheel as well as it is limited by up pin tooth of pin wheel, the motion of cycloidal wheel becomes a plane motion with revolution and rotation. When the input shaft rotates clockwise one cycle, the eccentric locking collar rotates one cycle too. The cycloidal wheel will rotates one differential gear at opposite direction and the speed-down can be got. By means of W output mechanism, the low velocity rotation motion of cycloidal wheel will transmit to output shaft through axis pin and lower output velocity can be got.

    Main characteristic
    1.High speed ratio and efficiency

       Single stage transmission can reach to 1:87 of speed-down ratio and the efficiency is more than 90%. If use multi-speed drive the speed-down ratio is bigger.


       Being adapted epicyclic transmission principle, the input and output shaft are at same axis center, it is compact.

    3.Smooth and stable run and low noise

        The cycloidal pinwheel has more meshed teeth, the overlapping coefficient id big and the machine part is stable, the vibration and noise is limited at the minimum content.

    4.Reliable in operation and long life

        Because the main parts are made of bearing steel through quenching treatment(HRC58-62), it got high strength. Meanwhile the transmission contact of part adapts rolling friction, so it is durable and long life.

       Because of reasonable in design, convenient in maintenance, easy to disassemble and assemble, the minimum amount of part and simple lubrication, so it is trusted by customers deeply.

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